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Due to the amazing response from the life-changing results of the new C60live Blackseed Gel Caps, we have partnered with the premier, state-of-the-art gel cap manufacturing facility to meet the ever-increasing demand. As new products arrive, orders will be promptly fulfilled in the sequence they were received.

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C60 Coconut Oil 2-Bottle Bundle (4oz)

$ 120.00


For those who prefer dropper style application, our C60live is available in Organic Coconut oil, using only the finest ultra-pure C60 on the market. The product that started it all in a simple application, with endless benefits. 


Carbon 60

Known as the world’s most efficient scavenger, this wonder molecule is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals. First discovered in 1984, later to receive the Nobel Prize in science in 1996. Unlike other antioxidants, is has ability to pass through the cellular and blood-brain membranes.

Coconut Oil

Research shows benefits in boosting heart health, encourage fat burning, antimicrobial effects, reduce hunger, protect skin, hair, teeth, and more


  • 3-4 droppers full, 1-2 times daily depending on need or directed by your health professional.
  • Each bottle contains 2oz of oil. Supply typically lasts one month.