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At Live Longer Labs, we are consistently researching, striving to create new solutions to improve health and increase quality of life.

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About LiveLongerLabs

At our Research and Development Lab located high in the Rockies, we are passionately engaged in multiple projects to improve the quality of life and too extend it FAR beyond the boundaries of today's known science.

We do product development for multiple entities covering a wide range of applications and academic disciplines. Currently, we are partnering with doctors and universities all over the world to conduct research and clinical trials.  Stay tuned as the results come in! We are driven to excel and look forward to sharing future products and updates as they come available.

LiveLongerLabs is a lab of scientists from NASA, doctors, universities, and institutions.

Live Longer Labs was formed by REAL Scientist trained by JPL and NASA. Our team also includes Medical Doctors and Educators.

After working with Carbon molecules in other applications we curiously started researching the effects on the human body.  We started making C60live to help family and friends. Word quickly got out and people started showing up on our doorstep at all hours for C60live.

When we first started in 2011 there was one page of information on C60 if you searched the web on it... now there are thousands. Lots of copycats and gimmick sales. We don't advertise or pay for click ads, because those that want results and need our help will eventually seek out and find us.

Our goal is really simple: to help people and our loving animals with quality of life!

C60live products are revolutionary nanotechnology products where NASA-grade Carbon 60 is bonded to organic oils.

We research everything we do. After researching Carbon 60, we started making C60live to help family and friends. Word got out and people started showing up on our doorstep begging for C60live. Before we knew it, the market caught on to how powerful this product is.