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How a Nobel Prize-Winning “Wonder Molecule” Is Taking the Antioxidant World by Storm


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Saturday, May 15

By: John Reed

Toxicology Expert: Discover the remarkable health benefits of clinically-proven ingredients, backed by experts, and praised by health-conscious customers.

Let’s face it – despite the advances in medicine and unlimited information at our fingertips, maintaining good health is a big problem for most Americans. The numbers are startling; the CDC cites that 133 million Americans, and 6 in 10 adults, have a chronic disease.

Let that sink in for a minute. If you were to pick 10 random adults from the street, 6 of them would have diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammation, or another chronic disease.

Evidence confirms one reason is the clear link between oxidative stress and chronic diseases. But what is oxidative stress and what does it do to the body?

The Silent Killers

A display of colorful 
                                                                                                                   icons of all the known silent killers that can be harmful to your health.

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Over time, this imbalance can lead to cell, tissue, and DNA damage.

Oxidative stress is caused by many factors such as pollution, chemicals & pesticides, poor food & water quality, medications & drugs, injuries, obesity, and more. Today, we see more and more effects of environmental toxins.

Studies show that oxidative stress needs to be taken care on a daily basis and if controlled, the body can then protect itself and heal. Unfortunately, this state of healing is not easily achieved. Most of us do not get enough antioxidants through our diets and through typical supplements.

We are all affected by it…

Take Dr. Elaina George, for example. She is a well-known and respected board-certified surgeon, author, and long time advocate for patients rights and healthcare reform.

Elaina George, M.D.

Board-Certified Surgeon

Mount Sinai Medical NY

Princeton University

A picture of Elaina George, M.D, board-certified surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical NY, 
                                                                                                       Princeton University

“I highly recommend C60 live products without reservation. I started using C60 complete over 2 years ago and have seen dramatic improvements, both in myself and my patients. It made perfect sense with its excellent safety profile and ability to help the body recover from oxidative stress. It is an indispensable tool that can help safely and effectively support the body’s immune system, detox system, and help cellular recovery to promote health. Prevent, don’t just repair.”

Antioxidants can prevent or slow damage

But which one is the best?

Clearly, part of the solution for combating oxidative stress is to find its antidote.

Leveraging antioxidant properties have shown clear benefits to fight against oxidative stress. By donating its own electron, it stabilizes the free radical molecule to a non-reactive state. Studies show this act of “self-healing” supplies multiple health benefits, both physical & physiological.

An image of C60 and bottles of C60 antioxidant products.

C60 or Carbon 60 is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant molecule 172x stronger than vitamin C in neutralizing harmful free radicals. This natural, organic, and safe “wonder molecule” has been used in hundreds of applications, including health, medicine, biomedical, nanotechnology, and research.

As an antioxidant, it is considered the “world’s most efficient” radical scavenger. Clinical studies have revealed incredible protection to the body and organs from damage and significant extension in lifespan on animals. First discovered in 1984, this 1996 Nobel Prize-Winning non-toxic, all natural, and organic molecule is changing lives daily.

LiveLongerLabs has found the fountain of youth. Their ultra-pure C60 and proprietary process has the potential to change lives and restore quality of life through control of oxygen radicals. Oxidative Stress needs to be taken care of on a daily basis and antioxidants are the best defense. In my 30 + years evaluating pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and drugs, C60 Complete is the best all-natural antioxidant on the market. It is 172x stronger than Vitamin C and eliminates the oxygen radicals and regenerates in real time. Nothing like it in any other supplement. It's very simple; if you control oxidative stress, the body can protect itself and heal. True measure of health is on the inside!

Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Senior Toxicologist

Advisor, Board Member

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years now. I can tell you there is little I have found that makes such a profound impact on health as Carbon 60. Fortunately, after much research, it was clear LiveLongerLabs does it the best. Lower blood pressure, increase oxygenation, and overall health benefits. I will be taking this forever! P.S. I'm now giving C60live for pets to my dogs so they can enjoy a long and healthy life too.

Dr. Loretta Ivory

Clinical Instructor, Certified Nurse

Retired Lieutenant US Navy

If you aren’t taking C60live products, you are operating at a disadvantage. Find out why.

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LEARN MORE A photo of all C60 antioxidant products, including C60 oil variants, C60 Black Seed Oil, and C60 Black Seed Oil and Curcumin. 
                                                 The photo also displays a discount code for the mobile.

If you aren’t taking C60live products, you are operating at a disadvantage. Find out why.

Use code upon checkout

LEARN MORE A photo of all C60 antioxidant products, including C60 oil variants, C60 Black Seed Oil, and 
                                                                                                                        C60 Black Seed Oil and Curcumin. The photo also displays a discount code for the mobile.

Proactive vs Reactive

Prevent, don't just repair.

Think of it like this: your house (your organs and cells) are on fire (oxidative stress). Today’s typical treatment is reactive. That is to say, it's like continuing to provide support to the damaged house by providing more wood and paint while it continues to burn.

But what if you could be proactive? Instead of continuing to try to repair the house while its burning, let’s put out the fire! No fire, no damage to the house. And instead of the traditional vitamin C or other antioxidants that provide limited fight against the fire (fighting with a garden hose), use a product that can actually put the fire out. That's what C60 is.

We’ve been told our entire life, “if you're going to do something, do it well”. Here’s another, “Go big or go home”. Well, nothing could be truer with C60.

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This product is for REAL

I had severe arthritis in my knee. As an old soccer player, I had limited activity to walking and weights. I am on my 12th bottle now and am running around on the soccer field again.. no joke. It's amazing how little pain I feel and my mobility is much better. I hope everyone tells their family and friend about it!


We are so Grateful!

My husband and I have been taking C60 since mid-July. We are on our 4th bottle and in that time I have seen incredible results. My tremors from Parkinson's have almost completely disappeared, allowing me to return to play piano at church! Both of our muscle tone and energy levels have improved as well. Love all the comments everyone! Very helpful and inspiring.

Benefits of C60live products include

Increases Longevity-Lifespan

Reduces Inflammation

Improves Cognitive Performance

Free Radical Scavenger

Helps Against Heart Disease

Helps Against Neurodegenerative Conditions

Improves Immune Function

Helps Against Osteoarthritis

Helps Against High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, And More

All Carbon 60 Is Not Created Equal

Live Longer Labs was formed by NASA and JPL trained scientists out of a think tank in Colorado. After working with Carbon molecules in other applications, the team began researching the effects of the human body over 10 years ago. The first product was developed to help family and friends. Word quickly spread and to date have helped hundreds of thousands of folks with over 3 million capsules sold and growing. Their secret? The highest ultra-pure quality ingredients, always solventfree and third-party verified for purity.

They are also the first company to put the product in capsule form and receive the patent for the combination of C60, black seed oil, and curcumin. These ingredients are thoroughly researched and have shown to have positive effects in over 28,000 published papers

Your body is under attack

Start fighting back today

The science and facts couldn’t be clearer. Do what thousands have already done and begin your journey back to a healthier and happier you. With C60live products, you are taking the right steps towards supporting your body by getting your oxidative levels and immune system back in balance. Its time to take back control and start living the best life you can.

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For a limited time, first time customers can save up to 15% off products.

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For a limited time, first time customers can save up to 15% off products.

Use code upon checkout

When I first started taking C60, I noticed that my body was detoxing. This lasted for approximately a week. Shortly after that, I started to notice that my energy levels were higher, and I didn't need naps during the day which was very different for my body.
I think my favorite benefit was when my brain became less foggy. I do fitness as a career and also own a small dance studio. My job requires me to not only schedule my own time, but also the schedules of all of my employees, client appointments and my studio schedule, so it gets a little crazy sometimes. I definitely need to have a clear brain to keep everything straight!
Hi Everybody!
I’ve been an athlete my entire life, ski instructor, mtn biker, soccer player, you name it. And as many of us in our 50’s is experiencing, getting older isn’t for sissies! If it’s not arthritis, its swelling in the knees and fighting being tired more and more every day. I’m getting so tired of being tired! I don’t take medications and am always looking for a safe and healthy alternative to help my body. My friend told me about C60live and am I a believer. The normal burning sensation in my hands from arthritis is all but gone. The knees feel better and normal chronic pain is better. But what I really love is my old energy level back!! I feel like I did 10 years ago, sleep better, and feel clearer in my thoughts! Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I am a believer!
Sonja R
I am a Division 1 football player [offensive lineman] and have been a committed weight lifter since freshman year of high school. Being in such a competitive sport physically, I have taken many different NCAA approved supplements that claim they would help me either get bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Nothing has made more of an impact than Live Longer Labs C60live
I found C-60 through friends and business partners. Like many athletes, I was skeptical about a supplement that I didn’t know much about so I decided to look into it myself and do my own research. Being a science major (and committed gym maniac), I am very familiar with molecular structures and the way supplements work on the body. I was very impressed with concept of C-60 being all natural and the way that C-60 took free radicals out of your body. So I decided to buy myself a bottle.
D1 Athlete
I run a Health and Wellness center that started in Belgium and now is International. Many folks in our group and clients we see have been using C60live for many years now. We have all received tremendous benefits! Not only physical, but also emotionally. One of us describes it as “A little blanket that helps you feel empowered during the day!” We highly recommend and thank Pure Bella Vita for bringing this high quality, beautiful product into the world.
I am a speech pathologist, trauma specialist and yoga instructor in the Kansas City area. I currently own and operate a healing yoga studio. I wanted to share the changes in my life C60live has made. Nervous system has lived in fight or flight state most of my life. Since taking C60, energy levels are up, pain and sensitivity in my body has subsidized. It has also helped with chronic stomach issues due to years of IBS. I recommend C60live to my clients and continue to share my experience with those around me.

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C60live Products Are Available for Pets Too.


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