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Due to the amazing response from the life-changing results of the new C60live Blackseed Gel Caps, we have partnered with the premier, state-of-the-art gel cap manufacturing facility to meet the ever-increasing demand. As new products arrive, orders will be promptly fulfilled in the sequence they were received.

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C60 Complete Guards You Against Flu, Common Cold, and Coronavirus

C60 Complete is formulated with black seed, nigella sativa, and curcumin, three of the healthiest organic ingredients in the world. Scientifically acclaimed in the health and wellness industry, it is a revolutionary antioxidant that contains immune-boosting properties to keep you protected against the common cold, flu, and coronavirus.

It also helps in fighting oxidative stress, neutralizing harmful free radicals and flushing them out of the body to significantly improve your overall health. Along with a healthy lifestyle, make Live Longer Labs’ C60 Complete as your primary shield against the risk of coronavirus and other diseases.