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leaf Adding C60 as an antioxidant to a horse's diet provides anti-inflammatory effects, positive impacts on immunity, heart disease prevention properties, retinal responses, and physiological changes in the brain.

leaf The black seed oil has shown antibiotic, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties.

leaf Curcumin has shown positive results with anti-inflammatory, reduction in skin allergies, healthier cardiovascular system, and reduction in chronic pain.

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Recommended Dosage

Simply pump directly onto food.

leaf Under 500 lbs: 3-5 pumps (6-10ml) per day

leaf 500-700 lbs: 5/7 pumps (10-14 ml) per day

leaf Over 1000 lbs: 7+ pumps (14+ ml) per day

Have any questions or want to order over the phone, call (888)611-3311.


Carbon 60

Carbon 60 or also known as buckminsterfullerene. Contains antioxidant properties 172 times more potent than vitamin C. Acts as a free radical scavenger and works to get rid of cell toxins, leading to a significant reduction in inflammation, increased essential nutrient absorption, and improvement in organ function.


An ancient Indian spice and medicinal herb. Studies show that curcumin contains anticoagulant (blood-thinning) properties that aid in decreasing blood clots in the heart and provide relief from inflammation associated with diseases, both for humans and pets.

Black Seed Oil

Contains an active compound called thymoquinone. It has been shown to have impressive health benefits that aid in health conditions, such as inflammation, asthma, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome autoimmune disorders, diabetes, among others.


Rich in vitamin E and contains large amounts of antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that olive is good for the heart, may protect against osteoporosis and cancer, and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Pet Parent Reviews

JT verified

Thank you thank you! Your C60 oil has given my dog his life back. he's acting like a puppy again and isn't sore getting up and down anymore.



Michelle H. verified

My Dogs life is back!

Thank you thank you! Your C60live oil has give my dog this life back. He's acting puppy like again and isn't limping around like he was before, I also started giving it to my cat who has been on the oil for about a month now. Her allergies have decreased tremendously. Very happy customers!

Loretta verified

After seeing the results I personally had in their C60 complete, I began giving the pet line to my Irish wolfhounds 3 years ago. Unlike our previous dogs that showed aging issues, our 6-year-old, Fiona, is...



Heather W. verified

I can't state how much this means to me

After years of testing products with my dogs over the years, nothing has produced results like this. My dog has more energy, stamina, and is jumping into my truck again. Last Vet checkup, complete clean bill of health!

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