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How a Nobel Prize-Winning “Wonder Molecule” Is Taking the Antioxidant World by Storm

Find out why C60live is the best antioxidant on the market.

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We are all affected by it...

Our bodies are under attack. Whether it's COVID, vaccines, the air we breathe, food we eat, and even water we drink. We all battle constant pressure of fighting inflammation, oxidative stress, and an imbalanced immune system.

According to the Centers for Diseases and Prevention, 133 million Americans, and 6 in 10 adults, have chronic disease. Evidence confirms that oxidative stress, an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, is linked to the development of chronic diseases.

The Silent Killers

A human cell attacked by oxidative stress and free radicals. From the center of the cell's nucleus, left to right: inflammation, pre-mature aging, high blood pressure, weak immune system, colds & flu, arthritis, neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, and heart disease - the silent killers.

causes of oxidative stress

Icons of the causes of oxidative stress from the left to right: mental stress, pollution chemicals/pesticides, food quality, drugs/medications, injury and infection, viruses, water pollution, obesity, alcohol, and smoking. Icons of the causes of oxidative stress from the left to right: mental stress, pollution chemicals/pesticides, food quality, drugs/medications, injury and infection, viruses, water pollution, obesity, alcohol, and smoking. Icons of the causes of oxidative stress from the left to right: mental stress, pollution chemicals/pesticides, food quality, drugs/medications, injury and infection, viruses, water pollution, obesity, alcohol, and smoking.

Fight chronic diseases with c60 complete

As an antioxidant, Carbon 60 or C60 is a natural, organic, and safe wonder molecule considered as the world’s most efficient radical scavenger. Combined with the world’s healthiest ingredients, black seed oil, and curcumin, C60 Complete works wonders for your body, from eradicating oxidative stress to boosting the immune system.

Random icons from left to right: 100% all natural, powerful antioxidant, scientifically proven, +28,000 research published papers. Random icons from left to right: 100% all natural, powerful antioxidant, scientifically proven, +28,000 research published papers. Random icons from left to right: 100% all natural, powerful antioxidant, scientifically proven, +28,000 research published papers.


Our scientist-formulated, doctor-approved formula helps you take back your life and get on the path to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

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A bottle of C60 Complete Black Seed Oil and Curcumin antioxidant.

Take Dr. Elaina George, for example. She is a well-known and respected board-certified surgeon, author, and long time advocate for patients rights and healthcare reform.

Elaina George, M.D.

Board-Certified Surgeon

Mount Sinai Medical NY

Princeton University

A smiling woman physician, Elaina George, M.D., Board-Certified Surgeon, Mount Sinai Medical NY, Princeton University.

“I highly recommend C60 live products without reservation. I started using C60 complete over 2 years ago and have seen dramatic improvements, both in myself and my patients. It made perfect sense with its excellent safety profile and ability to help the body recover from oxidative stress. It is an indispensable tool that can help safely and effectively support the body’s immune system, detox system, and help cellular recovery to promote health. Prevent, don’t just repair.”

Experience Nature in a Bottle

Are you suffering from high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and the symptoms of allergy? Black Seed Oil contains thymoquinone, an antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory compound. It is the world’s most therapeutic organic oil known and used to treat illnesses for more than 2000 years.

Read about the latest study published on PubMed about how Black Seed Oil can be an option for COVID-19 prevention and cure.

Tamar Keefe, a licensed therapist and successful business owner of Body Luminate Wellness Center, shares her experience with C60 Black Seed Oil.

“I call the Live Longer Labs, Carbon-60, “Magic Pills”! I have been taking the C-60 Black Seed Oil for approximately 9 months, and quickly began to notice results like increased energy, decreased sensitivity and allergies to items (which I have extreme sensitivity to many products and foods), decreased tenderness and ache, as well as improved night vision when driving!”

Benefits of C60 Antioxidant include

leafIncreases Longevity

leafFree Radical Scavenger

leafImproves Immune Function

leafReduces Inflammation

leafHelps Against Heart Disease

leafHelps Against Osteoarthritis

leafImproves Cognitive Functions

leafHelps Against Neurodegenerative Conditions

leafHelps Against High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, and more

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C60 antioxidant bottles and C60 oil from left to right: C60 Black Seed Oil, C60 Complete, and C60 Coconut Oil

Your body is under attack

Start fighting back today

The science and fact couldn't be clearer. Do what thousands have already done and begin your journey back to a healthier and happier you. With C60 Complete, you are taking the right steps towards supporting your body by getting your oxidative levels and immune system back in balance. Its time to take back control and start living the best life you can.

Upon checkout, use TINA to get $5 OFF your order.

All Carbon 60 Is Not Created Equal

Live Longer Labs was formed by real scientists out of a think tank in Colorado trained by JPL and NASA. After working with Carbon molecules in other applications, the team began researching the effects of C60 on the human body over 10 years ago. The original goal from their findings was to share this discovery with family and friends. Word quickly got out, and to date, has helped hundreds to thousands of folks with over 1 million capsules sold and growing! Their secret? ONLY use the highest ultra-pure quality carbon formulated through their proprietary process in all organic oils and ingredients. Always solvent-free. Research. Verified.

The first to develop the product in capsule form and the only company to combine the powerful combination of C60, Black Seed Oil, and Curcumin, to create and patent C60 COMPLETE. The powerful acclaimed ingredients, thoroughly researched with over 28K novel treatments, bonded together in a unique process to optimize absorption, performance, and bioavailability.

Live Longer Labs logo
LiveLongerLabs has found the fountain of youth. Their ultra-pure C60 and proprietary process has the potential to change lives and restore quality of life through control of oxygen radicals. Oxidative Stress needs to be taken care of on a daily basis and antioxidants are the best defense. In my 30 + years evaluating pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and drugs, C60 Complete is the best all-natural antioxidant on the market. It is 172x stronger than Vitamin C and eliminates the oxygen radicals and regenerates in real time. Nothing like it in any other supplement. It's very simple; if you control oxidative stress, the body can protect itself and heal. True measure of health is on the inside!
A smiling man, Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D., Senior Toxicologist.

Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Senior Toxicologist

Advisor, Board Member

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years now. I can tell you there is little I have found that makes such a profound impact on health as Carbon 60. Fortunately, after much research, it was clear LiveLongerLabs does it the best. Lower blood pressure, increase oxygenation, and overall health benefits. I will be taking this forever! P.S. I'm now giving C60live for pets to my dogs so they can enjoy a long and healthy life too.
A woman holding a C60 for pets bottle, Dr. Loretta Ivory

Dr. Loretta Ivory

Clinical Instructor, Certified Nurse

Retired Lieutenant US Navy

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I just wanted to tell you how my family absolutely loves your C60 complete product! My brother in law first told me about it because my daughter had to get vaccines for her job and she should take it to build back up her immune system. In the past, she had also suffered from migraines. After only taking the first bottle, not only was she feeling better, but the migraines were gone. Then she injured her back again, which in the past she was prescribed steroids, and instead decided to doubled up on the dosage to see if it would help. And it did!!! We got so excited our entire family is now taking C60. People need to know!! Thank God for this product!
Donna W
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I just want to tell you about my success with your product. I received two bottles about a month ago for my daughter because she might have to take the jab and I was very concerned about her health if she did. Good news is that it seems that she may have been granted a religious exemption.
But there is even more great news. I started taking six pills a day of your C60 Complete with curcumin and black seed oil. I never recommend that anyone take anything that I don’t try out myself. Being 75 years old and having the first stages of Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoarthritis plus some other old age ailments, I saw a great improvement with in one week. I have been taking your supplement for about a month now and have a waking blood sugar of about 100 to 111 in the morning. That is down from 151 blood sugar. I had heard that some diabetes in later life can be caused by a congested liver. So I am thinking that possibly the C60 has effected a liver cleanse, thus lowering my blood sugar to a healthy level.
Also my arthritis has not bothered me at all after about a week of taking your C60. The swelling in my left legs has gone down and is becoming less bothersome. So to say my general overall health has been positively improved is an understatement.
I want to thank you for your product and recommend it to everyone I can.
RD Bailey
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
When I first started taking C60, I noticed that my body was detoxing. This lasted for approximately a week. Shortly after that, I started to notice that my energy levels were higher, and I didn't need naps during the day which was very different for my body.
I think my favorite benefit was when my brain became less foggy. I do fitness as a career and also own a small dance studio. My job requires me to not only schedule my own time, but also the schedules of all of my employees, client appointments and my studio schedule, so it gets a little crazy sometimes. I definitely need to have a clear brain to keep everything straight!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Hi Everybody!
I’ve been an athlete my entire life, ski instructor, mtn biker, soccer player, you name it. And as many of us in our 50’s is experiencing, getting older isn’t for sissies! If it’s not arthritis, its swelling in the knees and fighting being tired more and more every day. I’m getting so tired of being tired! I don’t take medications and am always looking for a safe and healthy alternative to help my body. My friend told me about C60live and am I a believer. The normal burning sensation in my hands from arthritis is all but gone. The knees feel better and normal chronic pain is better. But what I really love is my old energy level back!! I feel like I did 10 years ago, sleep better, and feel clearer in my thoughts! Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I am a believer!
Sonja R
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I am a Division 1 football player [offensive lineman] and have been a committed weight lifter since freshman year of high school. Being in such a competitive sport physically, I have taken many different NCAA approved supplements that claim they would help me either get bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Nothing has made more of an impact than Live Longer Labs C60live
I found C-60 through friends and business partners. Like many athletes, I was skeptical about a supplement that I didn’t know much about so I decided to look into it myself and do my own research. Being a science major (and committed gym maniac), I am very familiar with molecular structures and the way supplements work on the body. I was very impressed with concept of C-60 being all natural and the way that C-60 took free radicals out of your body. So I decided to buy myself a bottle.
D1 Athlete
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I run a Health and Wellness center that started in Belgium and now is International. Many folks in our group and clients we see have been using C60live for many years now. We have all received tremendous benefits! Not only physical, but also emotionally. One of us describes it as “A little blanket that helps you feel empowered during the day!” We highly recommend and thank Pure Bella Vita for bringing this high quality, beautiful product into the world.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I am a speech pathologist, trauma specialist and yoga instructor in the Kansas City area. I currently own and operate a healing yoga studio. I wanted to share the changes in my life C60live has made. Nervous system has lived in fight or flight state most of my life. Since taking C60, energy levels are up, pain and sensitivity in my body has subsidized. It has also helped with chronic stomach issues due to years of IBS. I recommend C60live to my clients and continue to share my experience with those around me.

Did You Know?

C60live Products Are Available for Pets Too.


Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives

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