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Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Senior Toxicologist
Advisor, Board Member

Sophie Serraris

Live Love Life Wellness Centers" Netherlands


SpeechPathologist, Trauma
Specialist, Yoga Instructor
Doctor Elaina

Elaina George, M.D.

Surgeon Mount Sinai Medical NY
Princeton University

As someone who has fought the effects of inflammation, skin tenderness, and low energy from oxidative stress, I have seen profound improvements by taking the C60live products. In fact, I have been taking them for over 2 years now and recommend it to all my patients. Prevent don’t just repair.

Doctor Joe

Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Senior Toxicologist
Advisor, Board Member

Live Longer Labs has found the fountain of youth. Their ultrapure C60 and proprietary process has the potential to change lives and restore quality of life through the control of oxygen radicals. Oxidative Stress needs to be taken care of on a daily basis and antioxidants are the best defense. In my 30 + years evaluating pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and drugs, C60 complete is the best all-natural antioxidant on the market. It is 172x stronger than Vitamin C and eliminates the oxygen radicals and regenerates real-time. Nothing like it in any other supplement. It's very simple; if you control oxidative stress, the body can protect itself and heal. True measure of health is on the inside!

Doctor Loreta

Dr. Loretta Ivory

Clinical Instructor, Certified Nurse
Retired Lieutenant US Nvy

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years now. I can tell you there is little I have found that makes such a profound impact on health as Carbon 60 . Fortunately, after much research, it was clear Live Longer Labs does it best. Lower blood pressure, increased oxygenation, and overall health benefits. I will be taking this forever!

P.S. I'm now giving C60live for pets to my dogs so they can enjoy a long and healthy life too.

I call the Live Longer Labs, Carbon-60, “Magic Pills”! I have been taking the C-60 Black Seed
Oil for approximately 9 months, and quickly began to notice results like increased energy,
decreased sensitivity and allergies to items (which I have extreme sensitivity to many
products and foods), decreased tenderness and ache, as well as improved night vision
when driving! My vision changed to the point where I no longer need to wear prescription
glasses driving in the evening, where car and traffic lights used to blur and cause
discomfort with my eyes. I also believe that a time when I experienced food poisoning, the
benefits of C-60 decreased the longevity of the sickness by 2/3rd’s, where usually for
most people food poisoning will bother a person for at least 24 hours! My husband also
benefits by having decreased ache and discomfort in his arthritic knees as well as a
major improvement, we believe, in his blood pressure (it was 120/80 and is now regularly
105/70)! We also give the C-60 Olive Oil to my dog, which has increased her energy and
activity level, as well as decreased her discomfort (she is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever).
I believe we are also experiencing major long-term benefits for our health. We are so
grateful for the quality and the outstanding health support that Live Longer Labs provides
in their C60!!

Tamar Keefe, MS, LMT, CMLDT

Body Luminate, Therapeutic Massage, and Whole-Body Wellness, LLC

I am a licensed acupuncturist and have treated over 7,000 people during the last 6 years. I
also have a BA in biology and a minor in physics and physiology. I am a former teacher and
a constant learner. I strive to make everyone I come in contact with better than when I

For the past year, I have had the privilege of learning about the product Carbon60 from I think it's important that I have first-hand experience with the products
and methods that I suggest to patients and I never suggest things to my patients before
doing them myself. For the last year, I ran the experiment of trying C60Complete on myself
and seeing what would happen. As a former competitive athlete, someone who beats up
my body fairly regularly with activities such as mountain biking, cycling, climbing, hiking,
and snowboarding, I know my fair amount of aches, pains, and broken bones. All these
sports and time in the sun do damage. I say there is always a price to pay for the fun we
have. Since taking C60 complete I have noticed a quicker recovery, shorter time with
injuries, easier time gaining strength, and best of all, higher stamina.

Seeing the benefits of C60 on myself, I knew it would be a great product to include in my acupuncture practice. My senior patients get relief from their aches and pains. I
have seen it work great with my active patients who are looking for an edge-up in their performance, and I have tried it with my severe health cases as well. Recently,
several of my patients with neurological disorders have been taking C60 Complete to help fight neurological decay and repair damage to great success. One of my patients who has Parkinson's due to Agent Orange exposure in the Vietnam war has said his memory has improved, speech and language comprehension is better, and his ability to use his hands and fingers for grasping and fine motor skills has improved.
I also have patients who have toxic carcinogen exposure at work every day and they have noticed that C60 Complete helps reduce the stress load from the chemicals in
their body and has made a significant difference in how they feel physically and mentally when they are taking it. Several of them have said, "I don't feel like I'm hungover
anymore," and "I don't know what is in that stuff but my brain operates better now." I love hearing those stories from my patients because removing harmful toxins gets
harder and harder the more they are exposed to them and I know C60 is helping them live a longer, healthier life amidst a dangerous and difficult job.

When the body has been damaged after years and years of stress, misuse and overuse it impacts the body's ability to heal itself over time and we then need support in the
form of food, the original medicine, or something stronger. Not medications, but something potent, powerful, and effective at repairing damage, fighting inflammation, and
giving the body another chance at health and vitality. That's what my patients have found, and what I have discovered personally through using C60 Complete from

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for the missing piece in your wellness journey.

Paul Lee

Acupuncture Association of Colorado &
National Certification Commission