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Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Start to Meditate

Meditation helps improve the brain's ability to concentrate and regain mental focus. Meditating allows you to notice when your mind starts to wander off track and drives it back to what you’re supposed to give attention to. So, do yourself a favor and meditate.

Do Concentration Workouts

Concentration workouts are exercises that sharpen your mind and improve the brain's ability to concentrate and withstand distractions. Two exercises you can try are counting backward and repeating an inspiring phrase in your mind for five minutes.

Turn your Music On

A lot of studies suggest that listening to music, especially classical, helps improve concentration and mental focus. However, if you dislike this kind of music, you can try listening to nature sounds or white noise, which a 2015 study found to improve brain functions.

Long-Term Intake of C60 Can Sharpen Your Mind and Improve Focus

Carbon 60 is the most potent natural antioxidant available known for its many health benefits, which include its ability to keep the brain healthy by protecting it against oxidative stress. Live Longer Labs’ C60 oil blends are specially formulated with the purest quality C60 to ensure the highest bioavailability, so your brain can enjoy its benefits to improve your focus and concentration.