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Prevent Health Complications Caused by Inactivity

Get up and take a walk

Grab every opportunity you can get to walk around and outside the office to reduce the chances of developing health risks that can stem from sitting behind your desk all day. Spend your 15-minute work break walking to move your muscles and keep your blood pressure within healthy levels. And take the time to walk towards your colleague's station whenever you have questions instead of just emailing them.

Do gardening

If you’re spending your weekends off at home, avoid being a couch potato as much as possible. Go around the house and plant flowers and vegetables in your garden. You can start planting flowers on a pot or cultivating seeds to grow crops and vegetables. Gardening not only allows you to have better health, but it will also improve your mental wellbeing and help you counter anxiety and depression.

Keep a network of friends

You don’t have to be sociable, especially if you are not comfortable with it. However, it would help if you keep a small social circle and get in touch with them once in a while. Spend quality time with your friends, whether playing sports or trekking in the mountains. A meaningful time or bonding with intimate friends allows you to have time outside the comforts of a sedentary lifestyle.

Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle with C60

The C60 antioxidant oil blends from Live Longer Labs provide maximum health benefits. Along with an active lifestyle, C60 helps neutralize oxidative stress involved in the development of common health complications such as heart failure and chronic fatigue syndrome. Welcome the year with healthy habits and say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle!