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Prevent Making These Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Poor food choices and gratuitous eating highly contribute to unintentional weight gain. Gobbling up lots of processed foods, eating from large plates and bowls in front of the television, not consuming enough fruits and veggies, protein and fiber, and irregular mealtimes are habits that swell up your waistline. Veer away from these tendencies by practicing mindful eating. Mindful eating allows you to be more attentive to your meals and thus will help you control your weight more easily.

Stressed and Unrelaxed Life

This may come as a surprise, but failure to de-stress and relax makes you gain extra pounds. A 2014 study found that stress is linked to weight gain. According to this study, people unconsciously crave unhealthy “comfort foods” to make themselves feel better. So, don’t let your busy life leaves you no room for much-needed relaxation. Release yourself from the shackles of stress through meditation, reading, or creative activities to soothe your mind and provide you inner peace.

Leading a Sedentary Lifestyle

Inactivity puts you at risk of not only weight gain but also more health complications. Today’s working environments render most people spend the rest of their day to sit for long hours. This type of sedentary work life and lifestyle significantly spurs fat buildup. Experts suggest spending an hour standing for one-hour sitting time to lower the risk of gaining excessive weight. Moreover, we suggest you engage in light to moderate physical exercises to maintain a thinner waistline.

Maintain a Healthy Weight Using C60 Oils

Nothing beats a healthy, balanced diet and keeping an active lifestyle when trying to maintain a healthy. But you can shed the extra fat faster with C60. C60 is a promising therapeutic agent in treating obesity and its related complications. Live Longer Labs’ antioxidant oils, which are also effective agents in shedding extra fat, are infused with C60, thus providing a more efficient weight loss capability.