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The REVOLUTIONARY CARBON 60 ANTIOXIDANT wonder molecule helps you achieve a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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100% All Natural

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Powerful Antioxidant

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Scientifically Proven

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Over 28,000 Published Research Papers


Our scientist-formulated, doctor-approved formula helps you take back your life and get on the path to a happier, healthier, and longer life.


Increases Longevity


Reduces Inflammation


Improves Cognitive Functions


Free Radical Scavenger


Helps Against Heart Disease


Helps Against Neurodegenerative Conditions


Improves Immune Function


Helps Against Osteoarthritis


Helps Against High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, and more


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I highly recommend C60 live products without reservation. I started using C60 complete over 2 years ago and have seen dramatic improvements, both in myself and my patients. It made perfect sense with its excellent safety profile and ability to help the body recover from oxidative stress. It is an indispensable tool that can help safely and effectively support the body’s immune system, detox system, and help cellular recovery to promote health. Prevent, don’t just repair.

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Elaina George, M.D.

Board-Certified Surgeon

Mount Sinai Medical NY

Princeton University

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Alive Again!

"I wake up each day wondering what else will get better"

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"Outstanding health support!"

"Been taking for 9 months now. Increased energy, decreased sensitivity, less aches and pains, and improved night vision when driving."

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C60 Complete is the world's best defense with its powerful combination of C60, Blackseed oil, and Curcumin, scientifically proven to improve immune function and fight the effects of oxidative stress with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Read about the latest study published on PubMed about how Black Seed Oil can be an option for COVID-19 prevention and cure.


C60live Black Seed Oil gel capsule combines the world’s most acclaimed healing oil and purest C60 antioxidant in a convenient gel form. Get closer to a better, longer life with C60 Black Seed today.

Read about the latest study published on PubMed about how Black Seed Oil can be an option for COVID-19 prevention and cure.

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The Silent Killers

An image of the human cell attacked by oxidative stress and free radicals. 
From the center of the cell's nucleus, left to right: inflammation, pre-mature aging, high blood pressure, weak immune system, colds & flu, arthritis, neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, and heart disease - the silent killers.

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Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Over time, this imbalance can lead to cell, tissue, and DNA damage related to dangerous chronic conditions. These imbalances are caused by smog and pollutants, pesticides and chemicals, poor quality food and water, injury, high activity levels, infectious diseases, and stress.

What The Experts Are Saying

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Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Advisor, Board Member

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LiveLongerLabs has found the fountain of youth. Their ultra-pure C60 and proprietary process has the potential to change lives and restore quality of life through control of oxygen radicals. Oxidative Stress needs to be taken care of on a daily basis and antioxidants are the best defense. In my 30 + years evaluating pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and drugs, C60 Complete is the best all-natural antioxidant on the market. It is 172x stronger than Vitamin C and eliminates the oxygen radicals and regenerates in real time. Nothing like it in any other supplement. It's very simple; if you control oxidative stress, the body can protect itself and heal. True measure of health is on the inside!

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I have been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years now. I can tell you there is little I have found that makes such a profound impact on health as Carbon 60. Fortunately, after much research, it was clear LiveLongerLabs does it the best. Lower blood pressure, increase oxygenation, and overall health benefits. I will be taking this forever! P.S. I'm now giving C60live for pets to my dogs so they can enjoy a long and healthy life too.

A picture of Dr. Loretta Ivory, a clinical instructor, Certified Nurse, and a retired lieutenant US Navy.

Loretta Ivory, Ed. D

Clinical Instructor, Certified Nurse

Retired Lieutenant US Navy


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For the last three years I have been taken C60 products. Started with Olive Oil Infused with C60, then the Black Seed with C60 and now the C60 complete. Three years ago, when I started this journey I was 39 years old, over 230 lbs, and aching with joint and back pains. I was not healthy at all. Today I am 42, 200lbs, have zero pain, and I am able to work out and play with my kids with zero issues. I have drastically altered my way of living, to include diet and exercise, but whole heartily feel C60 has played an even bigger roll with getting my life back on track. Not only am I healthier, but I have not even been sick for the last three years. My wife can attest, I would get very sick at least once a year, with fever and aches, but I have not even been to the doctor for other than a check up in over three years now. Using C60 has been a major blessing, so thank you.

Please continue your awesome research, your awesome customer support and just being awesome.

David "Another NASA Guy" Stiles

A blonde woman wearing a white blouse.

I just wanted to tell you how my family absolutely loves your C60 complete product! My brother-in-law first told me about it because my daughter had to get vaccines for her job and she should take it to build back up her immune system. In the past, she had also suffered from migraines. After only taking the first bottle, not only was she feeling better, but the migraines were gone. Then she injured her back again, which in the past she was prescribed steroids, and instead decided to doubled up on the dosage to see if it would help. And it did!!! We got so excited our entire family is now taking C60. People need to know!! Thank God for this product!

Donna W.


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I started buying C60 as an oil from a competitor then found yours. I have only bought your version ever since. I take many different supplements since I’m 82 years old and want to stay healthy. I had Covid in January and spent 10 days in the hospital. They told my wife I was almost dead when I arrived. A week after I was released, I was as good as new. If I had to limit my supplements to just one, hands down, it would be your C60 with Black Seed Oil and Curcumin. Your service is even better than the other companies I deal with. It’s a joy to order from such an excellent company. Thank you

Norman W.


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The C60 is improving my energy and eyesight... Now I can really see clearly at 20/20 and I'm 66 years old. My husband (who has Parkinson's) and my daughter are also using C60 and are noticing very positive results.


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Two- and one-half years ago I began to experience debilitating severe muscle pain over my entire body. A rheumatologist diagnosed ‘polymyalgia rheumatica’. I was prescribed Prednisone which I took for three months of a projected year long regime. I did experience a significant reduction in muscle pain; however, I stopped taking this steroid out of concern for well established long-term contra - indications. It was at this time I was introduced to C-60 from Live Longer Labs. Daily use of C-60 has provided continued relief from muscle pain without the use of steroidal drugs for the past 2 years.



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I call LiveLongerLabs C60 “magic pills” I have been taking the capsules for 9 months now and quickly noticed results like increased energy, decreased sensitivity and allergies, decreased tenderness and aches, as well as improved night vision while driving! My husband also benefits by having decreased aches and discomfort from arthritic joints and his blood pressure went from 120/80 to now regularly 105/70! We are so grateful for this product, we are even giving it to our Golden retriever now. No surprise, she has more energy and seems less in discomfort. Thank you thank you



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I take 2 to 5 tablets twice a day. My blood pressure's down from 140/90 to 115/70 ...I used to have knee issues. I used to have heartburn. All of it is gone.



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I started taking the C-60 Curcumin blend for arthritis. It was suggested by my practitioner with a beginning suggested dose of 6 capsules a day. I have had chronic pain in several areas of my body for years. I have tried pharmaceuticals that wreaked havoc with my body and was willing to try anything to relieve my pain. In less than a week 75 % of my pain had disappeared and after 2 months I would have to say it is about 90 % gone. Amazing, unexpected results after some many years of frustration.




Take your life back today with the natural, organic, and safe “wonder molecule” C60. This incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant molecule neutralizes harmful free radicals to fight oxidative stress and free radicals.