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Is there any danger?

Based on the famous rat studies from a few years ago, and the experience of the many people who’ve been ingesting it since that time, there is no danger at all. There have been no known negative side effects reported. It is simply a carbon molecule with 60 atoms, and is not metabolized after all. That said, C60 has not been officially tested for human consumption (only animals), so you are your own health authority here. The dubiously run FDA will probably never test it. If you choose to experiment with C60, you do so by your own choice.

How does C60 Increase Lifespan (even shrink tumors in rats)?

It is believed that one of the ways is through it’s superior anti-oxidant effect. Unlike most antioxidants, it keeps recycling itself while it stays in the body for several weeks. This means it can effectively neutralize harmful free-radicals indefinitely, similar to the negative ionized hydrogen in Patrick Flanagan’s product Megahydrate. The current understanding is that it also temporarily becomes part of the fat layer surrounding cells and also the mitochondria. There they act as a reservoir for electrons (energy), which they are able to both store and donate whenever needed to neutralize “free-radicals” (missing electrons) that cause DNA and cellular degeneration (ageing). Some say it also helps increase electromagnetic field generation.

Scalar InfusionOnly with C60live from Live Longer Labs

The manufacturer claims that this scalar infusion adds several benefits, including amplified communication between RNA and DNA. This helps ensure that cells replicate correctly.

The scalar process involves square wave transmission, at a very specific frequency, with a technique of programming via that transmission into the c60.

Scalar physics is a pretty fascinating subject actually. Nikola Tesla, Willhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Tom Bearden (living), Dr. Konstantin Kortokov (living), and many other genius level minds, worked extensively in that area. I think Ken Rohla is one of the better at explaining it in more depth for the average person.

How much actual C60 is in each bottle of C60 Live:

There is 46 ml of c60 per 60 ml of the base oil in each 2 oz bottle.

Dosage of C60:

It is suggested to start slow, but for a real noticeable impact on health, a dosage of 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce per day is recommended for most people. Notice how you feel before bumping up your dose.

It is unknown what the optimal dose is, that depends on the individual and their situation. It is shown to be perfectly safe however, so exact dosing is not important as far as safety. It’s really up to the individual to solve the question of what is the effective dose for them, because it does vary depending on things like body size, absorption rate, current health issues, diet, lifestyle, psychological factors, etc. Three of the guys who make this stuff take 1-3 ounces per day.

I myself currently take 2oz at the beginning of the week, and then 2-4 droppers morning and night on the rest of the days.

The manufacturer of C60 live also gives it to his 12 year old dog (began when she was 9) who started going into heat again, and according to his vet, and behaves as if it were 3-5 years old. He is very particular about quality, and extensively tests his materials and final product to ensure it is the best it can be. After all he and his wife take it, as well as his mother, and his beloved dog.

Some choose to cycle off of it for a few months after one bottle before resuming again, others take it every day.

When Should I take it? With food? With other medications and supplements?

Some experts say that it is best to take it with a little food with some fat content, to have the bile aid in the emulsification of the compound. There are no other considerations of full/empty stomach, drinking before/afterwards, no restrictions on other food or medications etc.

There are absolutely no interactions with any other substances, so C60 can be taken in combination with with medicines and any other supplement or food.

One important consideration however, sometimes when the underlying condition improves, medications to treat symptoms may be throwing off the natural balance of your body. If you are one who takes pharmaceuticals, make sure you keep an eye on how you feel and whether you still need such medications. You may need retested. Of course, consult whichever health professional you trust.

Are the potential benefits equally achievable by applying the C60 oil topically?

From our research, it is beneficial topically for specific issues in that region, but ingesting is best for systemic (full-body) benefits, as well as brain benefits. The rat studies were using both ingestion and injection.

How long does it take?

It’s said that you will notice the difference in animals immediately. For people, it depends on all those factors listed above. I plan on taking it indefinitely.


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