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Due to the amazing response from the life-changing results of the new C60live Blackseed Gel Caps, we have partnered with the premier, state-of-the-art gel cap manufacturing facility to meet the ever-increasing demand. As new products arrive, orders will be promptly fulfilled in the sequence they were received.

At Live Longer Labs, we are consistently researching, striving to create new solutions to improve health and increase quality of life.

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Welcome to the C60live family.

Our Mission is Simple

Make people and their pets happier and healthier.

Guided by Science, Driven by Love

It's no surprise we were founded by dog and cat lovers and that same obsession went into research, development, trials, and growth of our company. Constantly frustrated with lack of products, information, and support for the health and wellness of pets, we put together a team to combat what we call "The Silent Killers".

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Take Complex Science and Make It Simple

The connection between the damage oxidative stress and free radicals have on the body, along with endless data proving antioxidants help in that fight, could not be clearer. So, we developed something simple, smart, and easy to understand and use. Something that can help both the short-term and long-term health of our animals. Simple. Safe. Effective.

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Guided by Science, Driven by Love

For many people, including those on our own team, our pets are our best friends, our confidants, our motivators, workout buddies, and frankly, life savers.

A man is hugging his pet dog while the dog looks at the camera, smiling with his mouth wide open

We Believe They Deserve The Best And Longest Life Possible.

(Some of our team members' buddies)

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A dog is lying face down on the floor
A cat owner is holding a bottle of C60live for cats while the cat is looking at it
A dog holds an apple inside its mouth
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A cat and a dog are sleeping together on the couch.