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I just want to tell you about my success with your product. I received two bottles about a month ago for my daughter because she might have to take the jab and I was very concerned about her health if she did. Good news is that it seems that she may have been granted a religious exemption.

But there is even more great news. I started taking six pills a day of your C60 Complete with curcumin and black seed oil. I never recommend that anyone take anything that I don’t try out myself. Being 75 years old and having the first stages of Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoarthritis plus some other old age ailments, I saw a great improvement with in one week. I have been taking your supplement for about a month now and have a waking blood sugar of about 100 to 111 in the morning. That is down from 151 blood sugar. I had heard that some diabetes in later life can be cause by a congested liver. So I am thinking that possibly the C60 has effected a liver cleanse thus lowering my blood sugar to a healthy level.

Also my arthritis has not bothered me at all after about a week of taking your C60. The swelling in my left legs has gone down and is becoming less bothersome. So to say my general overall health has been positively improved is an understatement.

I want to thank you for your product and recommend it to everyone I can.

RD Bailey



I call LiveLongerLabs C60 “magic pills” I have been taking the capsules for 9 months now and quickly noticed results like increased energy, decreased sensitivity and allergies, decreased tenderness and aches, as well as improved night vision while driving! My husband also benefits by having decreased aches and discomfort from arthritic joints and his blood pressure went from 120/80 to now regularly 105/70! We are so grateful for this product, we are even giving it to our Golden retriever now. No surprise, she has more energy and seems less in discomfort. Thank you thank you.



"C60 improves my energy and eyesight"

"The C60 is improving my energy and eyesight... Now I can really see clearly at 20/20 and I'm 66 years old. My husband (who has Parkinson's) and my daughter are also using C60 and are noticing very positive results."



"I experience so many benefits"

My success story. I have been using C60live for 2 years now. For someone in their 70’s, I continue to use it because I experience so many benefits! First of all, my energy level is back to when I was in my 50’s. I feel more stress resistant, experience less winters blues, and have more clarity on the mental side. I feel the cells of my body are healthier and I have a layer of protection. Overall, I simply feel younger!!



"Helped improve my nearsightedness"

It was suggested by a friend of mine already using C60 Black Seed Extract for my poor eyesight and concerns I have because of my family history with degenerative sight issues. I started taking the C 60 from 6-8 capsule per day as recommended and have noticed a dramatic improvement with my nearsightedness issues. Great product...

-James W.


"No more muscle pain from running"

C-60 allows me to both run and recover from long-distance runs, as well as everyday workouts, and have the best results of my life. The normal muscle pain in a runner’s legs is almost nonexistent.


A man wearing eyeglasses is looking pensively at a distance.


Funny. I had a shipping mix up too but am more than happy with the outcome. I haven't finished my first bottle but I do think my eyesight has improved. I still need cheaters but I see clearer without the floaters. Feeling more energetic and appetite's increased a bit.




I am so excited to report that I just started taking C60 Complete with Black Seed and Curcumin.

I am fighting Diabetes and my numbers started escalating even with my Pharmaceutical meds. Also I am going through a yeast infection on my tongue and the Nystatin pharmaceutical worked on the first dosage but the yeast infection came back 3 weeks later. Refilling the Nystatin after the issue came back two more times did not work. So as you can see the Nystatin did not get to the root cause of my issue.

I then wanted to find something natural that would support my Diabetes and Candida Yeast and I came up with Black Seed Oil and Curcumin for both issues. I did more research and I found on line C60 Complete from Pure Bella Vita.

After I received the product I took the liberty to let the product dissolve in my mouth, because of my tongue issues rather then just swallowing the product. My blood sugar numbers were between 180 and 220 in the morning and 140 and 150 in the afternoon. Also the thrush on my tongue was very irritable and painful, this is before starting C60 Complete. I started taking 10 capsules throughout the day and didn’t notice very much except for better clarity and energy after the first 3 days.

On the seventh day my Blood Sugar numbers started to drop, and for the last 3 days my numbers have been in the 130’s in the morning. Yesterday I was excited to see a great number for me of 112 in the afternoon. My tongue has improved as well and the irritating pain on my tongue is about 95% better.
I personally feel that letting these capsules melt in my mouth have been very effective for me as the antioxidants are getting into my body/blood stream so much quicker. I am so excited right now that I had to write this review, as I have tried so many supplements with no results like what C60 Complete is doing for me.

Thank you Pure Bella Vita for selling a great product that is effective to make you feel good and get to the root cause of your health issues!

I am not a doctor but having the product dissolve in your mouth has been a plus for my issues. And now I am praying that this product will continue to get to the root cause of my health issues, and I can get off of my pharmaceutical meds eventually.

Thanks a Million Pure Bella Vita for a great product, and I’m glad I found you.

Kind regards,



"Really noticed health improvements"

I bought just a single bottle of c60 in hopes of helping with my early stage tremors and muscle issues. At the end of the first bottle, I started seeing some changes... I am happy to say on my second bottle I really noticed the improved health and my hands are calm. It's been two months and only improvements to report. Thank you so much.

-Robert S.



I was skeptical but bought it anyway. Wow is all I can say as it has changed my physical condition. I had joint and back pain unmasked by pain killers. After just two days the pain has dwindled to nothing.

-Diana C.


"Excellent company!"

My wife and I both compete competitively in bicycling. After a full day's ride, soreness and fatigue would sometime prevent one of us or both from competing on consecutive days. Not anymore. We are still seeing amazing effects of fast muscle revitalization and little to no recovery soreness. Dramatic improvement in stamina. We are convinced. More to come.

-Bob and Dana D.


"Showing great signs of improving too"

I am a diabetic and have suffered from neuropathy (burning) in my feet for years. I cried as I awoke after just FOURTH day of taking product and my pain has completely gone. Multiple other things showing great signs of improving too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Melissa D.



On Thanksgiving weekend I met a gentleman who explained the properties of his product. We went into some depth. I was very skeptical. When I was a teenager I was run over by a hay wagon. The wagon was empty but the wheels of the first and second wagon traveled the length of my back. I have had back problems since and they have been complicated by a life of walking on steel decks and concrete floors. Anything is worth a try. I am 55 going on 56 (sometimes feels like 156). Last year acne visited me. I have been using Proactive for that year with fair results.

The first week I used 5 dropper fulls twice a day to accomplish saturation. I stopped using proactive almost immediately. Face just magically cleared up. This is not a pain killer but my back has improved some. I have ringing in my ears and that has started to go away. I still wear contacts. In the mornings I watch the news for about an hour without contacts. I can read all of my displays now and email on my smartphone (no contacts)

When I was 18 I had eye surgery to both eyes. The side affects were floaters. Lots of them even in lighted conditions. Sometimes they would block out field of vision briefly. No floaters in light now. No floaters that magically appear only to move out of field of vision.

This was with one bottle. I am awaiting the next 5 that I ordered. I have told friends and family about this. I call it what it is to me. Magic Elixir. My brother has quite a few contacts in Nashville TN. A couple are ER doctors and want to be kept posted on the outcome. This was after they researched the website and got back with my brother. I thank God for every day and approach it with a can do attitude. I am technical writer by trade and research/creation is getting easier.

Rick F.



Two and one half years ago I began to experience debilitating severe muscle pain over my entire body. A rheumatologist diagnosed ‘polymyalgia rheumatica’. I was prescribed Prednisone which I took for three months of a projected year long regime. I did experience a significant reduction in muscle pain; however, I stopped taking this steroid out of concern for well established long-term contra - indications. It was at this time I was introduced to C-60 from Live Longer Labs. Daily use of C-60 has provided continued relief from muscle pain without the use of steroidal drugs for the past 2 years.

In addition, with C-60, I have been able to discontinue a decade long use of three diabetic medications, each of which brought life - threatening complications.

C-60 from Live Longer Labs has enabled me to live medication free.

J. Ron H.

Retired Superintendent
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership