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An image of the structure of Carbon 60.


Carbon 60, or C60, is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant that can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. If untreated, this excess of free radicals causes oxidative stress, which leads to chronic conditions such as inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few. The C60 fullerene, first generated in 1984 and later to receive the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is used in hundreds of applications, including health and medicine, biomedical, nanotechnology, and research. One important discovery is that it is considered the “world’s most efficient” free radical scavenger. Their ability to localize within the cell, where diseased states are present, and free radical damage takes place. Unlike other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, C60 can pass through the cellular membranes and pass the blood-brain barrier. It has the ability to instantly, in a natural and healthy process, reduce the creation of free radicals with a product 172 times stronger than Vitamin C.


Live Longer Labs was formed by real scientists out of a think tank in Colorado trained by JPL and NASA. After working with Carbon molecules in other applications, the team began researching the effects of the human body over 10 years ago. The original goal from their findings was to share this discovery with family and friends. Word quickly got out and to date have helped hundreds to thousands of folks with over 3 million capsules sold and growing! Their secret? ONLY use the highest ultra-pure quality carbon formulated through their proprietary process in all organic oils and ingredients. Always solvent free and third party verified for purity.

The first to develop the product in capsule form and the only company to combine the powerful combination of C60, Black Seed Oil, and Curcumin, to create and patent C60 COMPLETE. Three powerful acclaimed ingredients, thoroughly researched with over 28K novel treatments, bonded together in a unique process to optimize absorption, performance, and bioavailability.