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Sarah Westall's Business Game Changers features Live Longer Labs top scientists

Sarah Westall's Business Game Changers features Pure Bella Vita top scientists, why pure Carbon60 in oil was created as well as their personal stories on the amazing results.

Pure Bella Vita is dedicated to improving quality of life. It is why we only use pure grade Carbon 60 and the finest, high quality oils.

We are a self-funded research company. Why? So that we can dive deeply into the research, extract the results and report honestly without any external agendas or restrictive influences directing the results of the research.

Pure Bella Vita and C60live goes VIRAL!

Carbon 60 is mentioned in two separate interviews by guests!

Experts all over the web are mentioning C60live and how it has helped them, including Matt Belair of The Mastermind, Body and Spirit Show, a fascinating and informative show that explores consciousness, breakthrough technologies, and quantum entanglement.

Doctor Har Hari, a 37-year practitioner of the yogic lifestyle and the ancient healing arts, Dr. Har mentions LiveLongerLabs and C60live! Har mentions C60 at approximately 1 hour 29 minutes!

Carbon 60 is mentioned in two separate interviews by guests!

This is divine! We are not asking Matt to highlight C60live. It's going viral because it's truly amazing

Then, in another interview with inventor Adam Curry, reveals that C60live is his health secret to being able to perform at top levels, mentally and physically. mass consciousness and co-founder of www.bionatusllc.com which focuses on bringing breakthrough scientific discoveries to market.

At approximately 1 hour 18 minutes in, Adam mentions Pure Bella Vita and how C60live has helped him for 18 months.

This is divine! We are not asking Matt to highlight C60live. It's going viral because it's truly amazing.

Clif High talks about C60!

Clif tells his personal story on how C60 helped him.

When Clif High talks, people listen. Sarah Westall interviewed Clif in August of 2017. Clif revealed his favorite SECRET to superior health: Carbon 60. Within an hour of the interview, the Carbon 60 website he mentioned SOLD OUT! Every other provider of C60 has since sold out, except LiveLongerLabs. Why? Because we are commmited to working around the clock to meet everyone's needs. Clif High is a world-renowned computer scientist and linguistic who has been credited as the founder of the Predictive Linguistics field, a powerful process that analyzes vast amount of internet data to predict future language about future events, due to the nature of humans. He owns and operates halfpasthuman.com.

"Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse / Restructuring Takes Place w/Clif High - Pt. 3". Fast-forward to the 4:50 minute mark and enjoy what Clif has to say about the research, science, and the benefits of C60


Dr. Joe Nieusma, PhD

I am Dr. Joe Nieusma. I have a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences/toxicology and have been practicing for over 25 years. My company is Superior Toxicology and Wellness and the main focus of my business is pharmaceutical consulting in occupational toxicology. I determine safe exposure limits for active pharmaceutical ingredients and have written over 500 drug safety monographs.

Read Dr. Nieusma's full report including his scientific research, results and how he came to this conclusion:

"This product will provide a noticeable difference in everyday aches and pains from daily life as well as improve energy, stamina, vision and mental acuity. Over time one may even see smoothing of wrinkles in the skin and a return of the spring in your step."