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Due to the amazing response from the life-changing results of the new C60live Blackseed Gel Caps, we have partnered with the premier, state-of-the-art gel cap manufacturing facility to meet the ever-increasing demand. As new products arrive, orders will be promptly fulfilled in the sequence they were received.

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Revolutionary antioxidant supplements for dogs, created by scientists and approved by vets. Bring out the best in your dog so that they're here for a long time, and a good time!

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As humans, we know we can optimize our health and fend off illness by doing things, such as exercising, eating the right foods, and taking the right supplements.

And the cat's out of the bag about Carbon 60 (or C60) being one of the world's most powerful antioxidants that we can take to prevent chronic conditions such as inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes - just to name a few.

Your dog deserves to be healthy just like you!

The dogs in our lives are our best friends, confidants, motivators, workout buddies, and frankly - our life savers. What would be a better way to return the favor than by giving your dog a longer, happier, and more vibrant life?


The animal body produces “free radicals” as part of its normal metabolic process. However, when the animal body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals, the excess begins to lead to cell and/or tissue damage.

Untreated, these damaged cells and tissues can lead to chronic conditions such as:

Premature Aging
Heart Disease

C60live works to combat the effects of aging in your dog. The secret is in the scientifically acclaimed super-antioxidant called C60. Numerous studies have shown that this natural antioxidant is 172 times more powerful that Vitamin C and is effective in mitigating cellular damage that causes common health issues.
(But don't take our word for it, scroll down and read our remarkable customer testimonials below!)

Improves Overall Health

C60 neutralizes the free radicals that cause disease.

Strengthens Nerve Endings

Studies show C60 has potential to improve nerve function to help mitigate the risks of degenerate diseases.

Reduces Inflammation

C60 counters foreign irritants and pathogens that cause inflammation and pain.

Stop Viral Infection

Known as nature's most potent free radical scavenger, C60 defends and rids the body of viruses.

Use JODY10 upon check out to get 10% off your order today.



Dr. Joe Nieusma, Ph.D.

Senior Toxicologist

As someone with over 30+ years in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and drug industry, and one of the original scientists to formulate and create the white peper for C60live, I can tell you the benefits it has on animals. Today we see more and more of the effects of environmental toxins in our air, food, and water. For pets, this is magnified due to their compressed lifespan. This causes our pets to develop problems more rapidly than humans. Antioxidants, especially C60live, show direct benefits in keeping the cellular balance they need for a longer, healthier life.

Steve L. 7/10/2020

"C60 has changed her life. We wanted to reach out and let you know of the amazing reaction our Yorkie has had to the pet c60. Our 10-year old dog is acting like puppy again."

Joseph 1/15/2021

My dog Lilly has had arthritic and joint discomfort the last 4 years (she’s 11). I am a customer with Pure Bella Vita and was very happy to hear that they were releasing a pet line. C60live for pets has changed Lillys life! She is getting around easier and it warms my heart to see her moving around like this again. She’s like her old self!

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