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Improve your health and live a better quality of life with the world’s most powerful C60 antioxidant, scientifically proven to fight oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Our scientist-formulated, doctor-approved formula helps you take back and live the life you deserve!

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Susan Swenson

PEMF Nebraska

Owner and Certified Practitioner

For health, wellness, and performance!


“Interestingly, I have the opportunity to see my blood once per month on a large TV screen. I was told my body was low on antioxidants. When I got home, I started taking doses of three per day. Throughout the month, I noticed little things like my eyesight improving.

Before I would forget a name every once and a while - that stopped. I felt better each day and other positive changes. The next month I saw my blood on the big screen again. I asked my friend at the end of the meeting if I need to work on my antioxidants. She said I was good!

I am amazed at how well the product works! I hope more people believe in the benefits and give it a go!” - Susan Swenson, PEMF Practitioner


Try C60 Complete capsules, C60 Olive, Coconut, and Avocado oils, and live the life you deserve today!

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Health and Wellness For Us All

Muscle fatigue is an athlete’s number one enemy. And we understand that struggling with quick recovery after a rigid training and workout session is common among athletes.

Did you know that the inflammatory response after a strenuous exercise session is associated with oxidative stress?

Good news! If you increase the body’s ability to overcome oxidative stress with a higher concentration of antioxidants, almost all forms of muscle fatigue due to oxidative stress are eliminated. C60live supports the reduction of oxidative stress, reducing recovery time and getting you back on track in no time!

Aids in muscle recovery

Reduces muscle fatigue

Minimizes soreness

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I'm a long-distance runner, and have completed 66 marathons, from Paris to Hawaii, and love the sport. Like all runners and athletes, I have tried all sorts of sport supplements. They have a hundred different names and marketing programs, but all they really are is a combination of caffeine, sugar, and/or other supplement ingredients that are not good for you.

C60 allows me to both run and recover from long distance runs, as well as everyday workouts, and have the best results of my life. The normal muscle pain in a runner's legs is almost nonexistent.

C60 has been a miracle substance for this runner. I have had several of my friends who have had knee issues try C60, and they can't believe it, but they too are running smoothly again, without pain. You have to try C60. At first you may think you are having a placebo effect, but after the same pain free results, time after time, you realize it's for real.

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D1 Athlete

I am a Division I football player [offensive lineman] and have been a committed weight lifter since freshman year of high school. Being in such a competitive sport physically, I have taken many different NCAA approved supplements that claim they would help me either get bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Nothing has made more of an impact than Live Longer Labs C60live.

I found C60 through friends and business partners. Like many athletes, I was skeptical about a supplement that I didn’t know much about so I decided to look into it myself and do my own research. Being a science major (and committed gym maniac), I am very familiar with molecular structures and the way supplements work on the body. I was very impressed with concept of C60 being all natural and the way that C60 took free radicals out of your body. So I decided to buy myself a bottle.

Your Companions Deserve the Best Life, Too!

A study from BVC Veterinary Research suggests that inflammation and oxidative stress contribute to the development and progression of heart failure among dogs. When the animal’s body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals in their body, oxidative stress can be triggered.

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Being Healthy Should Not Just Be for Humans!

Our C60 revolutionary antioxidant supplements are created by scientists and approved by vets. Studies have shown that C60 is 172 times more potent than vitamin C and is effective in mitigating cellular damage that causes common illnesses.

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C60Live: For You and Your Pets

Get back the life you deserve and look after your best friend’s health, too!

Increases longevity

Reduces inflammation

Improves cognitive functions

Free radical scavenger

Helps against heart disease

Helps against neurodegenerative conditions

Improves immune function

Helps against osteoarthritis

Helps fight against high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, etc.


5 star review


"C60 has changed her life. We wanted to reach out and let you know of the amazing reaction our Yorkie has had to the pet c60. Our 10-year old dog is acting like a puppy again."

- Steve L.


5 star review


My dog Lilly has had arthritic and joint discomfort the last 4 years (she's 11). I am a customer with Pure Bella Vita and was very happy to hear that they were releasing a pet line C60live for pets has changed Lilly's life! She is getting around easier and it warms my heart to see her moving around like this again. She's like her old self!

- Joseph.